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πŸ“’TUNE IN NOW to @_JenAllen’s (@MITSloan) thought-provoking and highly topical #PLAMADISO talk on “How #polarization can help solve the #misinformation problem
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🚨 1 month left to submit your work to the SI of #TelecommunicationsPolicy on #Blockchain, edited by @nircj & @claud10!

This SI aims to investigate the economic, social and political impact of blockchain.

Submit your paper by πŸ“…April 30

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πŸ“’TPRC is excited to announce that the 2023 Graduate Student Workshop is in the works! The workshop will take place Thursday, Sep 22 (prior to TPRC51) at American University, Washington College of Law. Keep your eye out for more details to be announced soon!

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