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The internet is a constant recommendations machine — but it needs you to make it work via @Verge

#Privacy and other #data #policy issues need more attention as #AutonomousVehicles emerge and even conventional vehicles become more data-intensive. I’ll be looking more at these issues at @RANDCorporation.

Nicht verpassen: @Telemedicus-Konferenz 2022 #Soko22. Die Telemedicus-Redaktion freut sich gemeinsam mit @jwi_riot des #weizenbauminstitut auf den Austausch mit allen, die ebenfalls für das Recht der Informationsgesellschaft brennen. Schnell noch anmelden:

Our latest newsletter asks “what is quantum computing really good for?” It appears to only offer super-polynomial speedup in a narrow subset of problems, which happens to included cryptography

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